Sunday, 26 January 2014

Back on Blogger

Wow!!  It's quite a while since I was last here - where does the time go?   Well I haven't been lazing around, that's for sure.  I've only been and gotten myself a brand new passion - biscuit decorating!  I've always loved to bake but mainly it's been cakes that have emerged from my oven.  However, after accidentally tripping into a couple of amazingly gorgeous biscuiteer's websites, I found myself hankering to have a bash myself.

My new passion has taken off with great gusto.  My stamps, papers and pencils have, for the time being, been boxed up and stashed out of sight while I concentrate on my new craft.  It all began with these baubles which I made Christmas 2012

I remember feeling rather proud of them at the time, but then I discovered websites like Sweet Ambs and Sugarbelles, and I wanted to take it up a notch.  In October I studied a video, took a deep breath and immersed myself in a bucket-load of royal icing, a batch of freshly-baked teapot biscuits and I locked the kitchen door while I produced these:

I felt pretty chuffed with myself, I can tell you, so off I went again to create another variety

However, these were nothing at all like the biscuits I had in my head.  Nevertheless, I showed them off on my FB page and my lovely friend Teresa commented "Tilda Cookies" and that was it - a new idea was borne.

I went away, created several more biscuits (mainly for Christmas) and I thought and thought about how I was going to do this.  Then I discovered the art of creating royal icing transfers, so with several tiny paper cones and lots of icing, I created my very first Transfer biscuit!  It was a little over-ambitious for a first time, but I feel so proud at having been able to use my beautiful Tilda Celebrates Summer stamp.
This has got me all excited now as it's given me a chance to give my old stamps a new lease of life.  It's not without it's problems though, but I was completely aware of them as I went along and know exactly what to do to put it right next time.

I want to show this off at the Magnolias Down Under challenge blog for their Summer Delights theme, and the Time for a Magnolia Challenge blog, who's current theme is to create a project using Tilda with something on her head or in her hair.

I am going to try and be a better blogger in 2014, and I will definitely be back with more Tilda biscuits.  Thank you for stopping by, I hope you're leaving with a smile :o) xxx