Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday again

Well I don't know about anyone else but I think this years' 6-week holiday has gone much quicker than any other I've ever known! Why is that? It could be that my children are that bit older and that bit more independent so less reliant on me to provide round-the-clock entertainment for them which has allowed me a bit more time for myself? Maybe others have their own theories which I'd love to hear!

I've had a very creative week or two but a lot of what I've been doing is either over on my Magnolia blog or cannot be blogged yet because they're for publication. I do however have this tag to show that I made earlier in the week - it was inspired by something I saw on Silvia's blog who's work I absolutely adore and would love to have her style - if you've not seen her blog yet, how come?

You may have spotted that my stitching went a bit awry - that's because it was a last-minute decision to do the stitching and I obviously had too many layers to stitch through and my machine rebelled, LOL!! At first I cursed, then I decided that actually I quite like it, it fits in with the 'shabby' side of the shabby chic look I was trying to achieve. So undeterred I carried on with it and this was the result - there was great temptation to thread a needle and stitch it by hand, but then I decided life was too short for perfection!!! LOL!! The text, which is impossible to read here, says "Nobody knows what a boy is worth. And the world must wait and see; for every man in a (I know, should be 'an' - tut!!) honoured place, Is a boy that used to be" - sniff!! How true, and this is my own adorable young man who's honoured place for now is on my tag! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! ;0) xx

Friday, 22 August 2008

Tag - Punch Art

Happy Friday folks - I tell you, the time is whizzing by way too quickly. I'm now officially in therapy in readiness for returning to work on 1st Sept. BOOOO!!!!!! :o( However, I shan't let it spoil my day - I'm all loved up today because me and my gorgeous bloke are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary today....sigh!!! It was a fabulous wedding - we booked ourselves a holiday cottage in the West Highlands of Scotland for a week then hit upon the brilliant idea of stopping off en route at Gretna to 'tie the knot' at the Blacksmith's Cottage! Despite wanting to keep it just the two of us, my sisters and best friend put their feet down and were adamant they wanted to share our day so they all drove up from Manchester and Birmingham to spend the afternoon with us in the glorious sunshine and witness our marriage. Then we all ran around Gretna Village trying to find the place where I'd booked us lunch only to discover when we found it that they'd decided to give it to another wedding party who'd turned up 'on the offchance'!! LOL!!! You'd think it would put the dampers on it wouldn't you, but we just laughed it off and the Manager arranged a very quick buffet for us in under 3/4 of an hour and a piper played for us while we waited! It was the most perfect day!

I suppose all this was on my mind when I was making my tag for this week's Tag, You're It! theme which is hosted this week by the wonderfully gorgeous and grossly over-talented Deb Neerman who has chosen Punch Art as her topic. So pop over there and see what other delights there are in store, and if you have 10 minutes and a load of scraps of left-over paper to spare, why not bung them all together on a tag and join in the fun! Thanks for popping in and have a great day!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sisters are doing it for themselves...!

Ooer! I've joined the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers, and so far it's been quite painless ~ no flashing of the knees or nipples and definitely no dodgy handshakes! And apparently I'm in Group 23 (which is my birth date so that's quite apt!!) with (so far) 12 other lovely ladies - some I already know and the others I shall acquaint myself with soon! Now, as I type this, I believe there are 13 of us in this group which means there are places for 7 more new 'Sisters'. It would be fab if some of my lovely blogging buddies nab some these places because it would be great to share more space with you! I think at this point I'm supposed to share details about me - Eeek! What's there to say ~ I'm just me, Anne - I stamp, I cut and stick bits of paper together, bend bits of card and I think it's fair to say that I'm happiest when I have a paintbrush in my hand and some fab music blaring away behind me. I have been a member of the Magnolia Design Team for over 12 months and I am loving their stamps as much today as when I first discovered them about 18 months ago. I also like to make my own stamps which I show off on here from time to time. Well, that's the crafty me - the 'real' me is mum to two adorable little fella's, Missus to an adorable big fella, and chief to two fabtastic doggies!! So that pretty much sums me up ~ no doubt my 'sisters' will learn more about me in the fullness of time, as I hope to about them too! :o)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

My Stamps

Am editing this because at the time I stuck it on here I was panicking because I was having so many problems with blogger and couldn't type much. However, it all seems perfectly in order again now and I want to link my tag to Theme Thursday's challenge blog which this week is all about Tags!

Ooer! I seem to be having blogger problems today - I keep getting gremlin messages and it's freakin' me out!! So I'm leaving this very short and sweet in case it all goes belly-up. This is a tag I made using one of my own stamps, I called it Nu Shooz because it's a pic of my youngest son's new shoes! Thanks for looking in - hope I'll be back :o{