Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday again

Well I don't know about anyone else but I think this years' 6-week holiday has gone much quicker than any other I've ever known! Why is that? It could be that my children are that bit older and that bit more independent so less reliant on me to provide round-the-clock entertainment for them which has allowed me a bit more time for myself? Maybe others have their own theories which I'd love to hear!

I've had a very creative week or two but a lot of what I've been doing is either over on my Magnolia blog or cannot be blogged yet because they're for publication. I do however have this tag to show that I made earlier in the week - it was inspired by something I saw on Silvia's blog who's work I absolutely adore and would love to have her style - if you've not seen her blog yet, how come?

You may have spotted that my stitching went a bit awry - that's because it was a last-minute decision to do the stitching and I obviously had too many layers to stitch through and my machine rebelled, LOL!! At first I cursed, then I decided that actually I quite like it, it fits in with the 'shabby' side of the shabby chic look I was trying to achieve. So undeterred I carried on with it and this was the result - there was great temptation to thread a needle and stitch it by hand, but then I decided life was too short for perfection!!! LOL!! The text, which is impossible to read here, says "Nobody knows what a boy is worth. And the world must wait and see; for every man in a (I know, should be 'an' - tut!!) honoured place, Is a boy that used to be" - sniff!! How true, and this is my own adorable young man who's honoured place for now is on my tag! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! ;0) xx


  1. This is beautiful, Anne! Great sentiment! And your boy is very handsome. He will be a heartbreaker some day, if he isn't already.

    Chris xx

  2. That's such a great picture and I love all the layers and yes, your shabby chic stitching too! :)

  3. would not have seen the wonky stitching if you had not mentioned it, just fits in so well with everything else. brill tag

  4. What a brilliant tag well done hun xxx

  5. Oooh Anne this is just wonderful and love the wiggly stitching too!!
    Off to look at Sylvia's blog!


  6. A gorgeous tag, love the muted colour!

  7. Gorgeous Anne! The stitching really creates a shabby chic feel ... and your son is a cutie-pa-tootie!

    Thanks for swingin' by the old Homestead and sayin' 'hi!' Always makes me smile when I see your name ... even before I read one word!

    Yup, I grow all my own orchids and yup, we've got giant tree frogs .. but somehow, they're still slim enough to get inside our screened enclosure. I don't mind, 'cuz I love tree frogs, they're sooo cute. Tree frogs are nocturnal and they spend their days sleeping in my orchid pots. Now, toads: those I mind!

    I do believe that tree frogs are found throughout the world ... so, you may not see 'em, but I'm willing to bet you've got 'em.

    You can tell the difference between tree frogs and regular frogs by first noticing if it's dark or light, lolo, and by their suction-cup toe pads.

    More later! Stay in touch; I miss ya when ya don't come 'round!!!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  8. Stunning tag! All your stuff is beautiful.

  9. anne your boy (s) are gorgeous,. lovely tag, Lx

  10. Thank you for your sweet words, Anne! I really appreciate every one of them! I feel so honored to have inspired you to do this beautiful tag.

  11. This looks so precious... so so beautiful. Such a harmony, love it!
    Thank you Anne for your nice words :)


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