Saturday, 2 August 2008

My Stamps

Am editing this because at the time I stuck it on here I was panicking because I was having so many problems with blogger and couldn't type much. However, it all seems perfectly in order again now and I want to link my tag to Theme Thursday's challenge blog which this week is all about Tags!

Ooer! I seem to be having blogger problems today - I keep getting gremlin messages and it's freakin' me out!! So I'm leaving this very short and sweet in case it all goes belly-up. This is a tag I made using one of my own stamps, I called it Nu Shooz because it's a pic of my youngest son's new shoes! Thanks for looking in - hope I'll be back :o{


  1. Aww Anne - I love it - how cool is that and beautiful colours.

  2. Oh, bless! That's really cute! And what a great combo with the sentiment! :D

    Heather xx

  3. Anne your tag is so beautiful

    Thanks for the heads up re: Arty Girlz I didn't realise there was a problem

    Could really do with some advice if you're not too busy as I can't see anything wrong my end so its hard for me to fix it

    Julie xx

  4. wow, so how did you do that?? such a nice image - i'd love to make my own stamps!!

  5. Oh they are just so sweet!! I do love the stamps you make you clever girl!

  6. What a fab tag. Love the colours & how impressive to use your own stamp...

    Lorraine xxx

  7. Bloggers still giving me a hard time Anne although Arty Girlz seems to be ok....... couldn't get onto my Inspirational Tips and Techniques blog for ages yesterday I was starting to think it had gone forever eek

    I've noticed photo's are disappearing now and again too and just leaving me with a red x

    Just read about your proud mum moments...bless xx

  8. I have seen this IRL... it is fantastic, the clarity of the image is superb. Well done on making such a great stamp Anne. Such an apt sentiment too.


  9. WoWzA, Anne, LOVE this!! You never cease to amaze and impress ... you da bombette!!!

    Thanks for checking out my teal, black, and lime tag. It's one of my very favorite tags now ... and I lurve the color combination ... and it's all because of you! And Sam!

    As an aside, I must tell you that I never have a day when Blogger doesn't do something screwy! And it's something different all the time ... keeps it interesting that way, I 'spose!

    ~Hugs & Stuph!

  10. oh wow made that stamp? It is awesome. Love the beautiful colors on it.

  11. This tag is brilliant love the shoes WTG hun xxx

  12. Not only do I love your tag, because the background is delicious, but I adore that stamp of your DS's baby shoes!! Awww, how cute! Gotta start carving stamps again... where does the time go?
    Thanks for your lovely comment (as usual) on my blog - but when you said you'd like to blow it up and hang it on your wall, did you mean Harry's tag or the geometrics? LOL!

  13. Okay, I didn't realize you had MADE this stamp! Omigosh, I love it!

    You are too talented; always amazing!


  14. Having had the pleasure of seeing this IRL I can't begin to say how fab this is...the colours are stunning and I've in absolute awe of how clever you are at making your own stamps!!

  15. What a beautiful card; the colors are so rich. Add to it the fact that it's YOUR stamp and I'm truly impressed. Thanks, also, for leaving a comment at my blog. I appreciate the encouragement.

  16. This is Absolutley Fabulous!! I love the rich colors and the quote...My Gosh you are so Talented!!!...I love your blog too(all of them) and have an Award for you on my blog...Hugs, Ila

  17. Hi Anne, Lovely to find your blog too after you finding mine. I loved making my first tag this week, it was fun. Your tag is really wonderful and I love your own baby shoes stamp, it's so cute! Love the colours you chose too. Hugs, Chris

  18. Hello Anne. I just thought I would introduce myself. I am one of your sisters from SBS23 that you have joined. I love your blog you have so much going on in there. Mine is very new, but I am learning fast. One day my blog will grow up to be as good as yours. LOL

    I'll be talking to you again soon, I'm sure, take care.

  19. Hi Anne

    I have already left a comment on your other blog but I just wanted to pop by and wish you a warm welcome to the Sisterhood. I'm so much looking forward to getting to know you better and the other Sisters.

    This is another fantasic blog !

    Take care,

    Jo x

  20. Thanks for popping by and your lovely comments!

    I was hopping to see your little white terror!

    I will have to upload a separate photo section for my Bear lol!
    Hugs Suze x

  21. If you check out my All Xmas Cards Label you'll see another of my Westie Sketches lol!
    Suze x

  22. I love this stamp!!! and the colour combination you have used with it is fantastic!.x

  23. Oh, that's a beautiful tag, Anne!
    The shoe-stamp is adorable!


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