Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Hee!! Lovely Emma has tagged me but I only just spotted it, but Thank You m'dear! :D

I've not had a very creative week so far as I've started my new job and I have been so exhausted by the time I get home that I could sleep standing up!! Dear Lord, how on earth am I going to survive this one??? I'm working for two classrooms of 28 children in each, over 3 days a week! I'm sure it's the newness of it all, but everyone else just seems to breeze around quite calmly looking busy, yet in control, but I feel like a whirling dervish dashing about like a mad thing wondering which room I came from and how do I find my way back to it!!! It's scary...

Anyway, here's my tag bit:

4 places I have worked
Alexandra Hospital in Redditch
BBC in Birmingham
Serco Solutions (yah boo sucks!!!!)

4 places I have lived
Worcestershire (3 different houses)
Only the two 'places' I'm afraid! I don't like moving house!

4 favourite foods
Olives (hee hee!!!! I know Sam will read this!!!)
Sun blush tomatoes
Dolcellate cheese
Tesco's Mediterranean Bread - when I can get hold of it!!!

4 places I would rather be
In a swimming pool all by myself and not having to rush off to anything
In a jacuzzi (all by myself and not having to rush off to anything)
In a fabulously organised and well-stocked craft room (all by myself and not having to rush off to anything!!!!)
On a balcony of a villa in Tuscany in the warm sunshine, with a sketch pad and pencil and a big bowl of olives by my side, listening to the sound of my children playing happily with their dad somewhere below! ;o)

And now it's my turn! I tag

Paula and Elaine
and I'll post an oldie pic here - this is one of the things I showed in my presentation to Magnolia when I answered their DT call. As this is a 'Tag' post, I felt it apt to show you a Tag card!! TFL!!!


  1. Thanks for joining in the 'tagging' Anne, and your tag card is just soooooooooo cute, it's gorgeous I love it.

  2. Then it's absolutely obvious why Magnolia picked you ;o) Love the strawberries....soooooo cute!

    But blergh @ the olives (like the sound of the organised and well stocked craft room though!)

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  4. Gorgeous tag! So pretty.
    Im liking the sound of the Tuscan balcony!!
    I was begining to worry about you as I hadn't heard from you in a while then I remembered you'd begun your new job. Im sure it will click into place real soon & glad you do actually love it.
    I got this tag last week but thanks for thinking about me.xx


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