Thursday, 24 January 2008

Captain of my Ship

WooHoo!!! I get more Crafting time!! I've finally got round to sorting out my hours at work and have made the decision to cut them down so that I can have some of my old life back again - i.e. the crafting part (and I suppose I should fit some domestics in as well!!! LOL!) so now I am looking forward to having some quality 'me' time again - bliss!
Tell you what else was bliss this week - being given this fantastically gorgeous kit by Liberty at Bellaboo to go and create with. Well, I've not been so excited about papers for such a long time - 4 weeks to be exact when I bought the Basic Grey Periphery 6 x 6 stack just before Christmas. I tell you, these kits are just heaven in a box!!! I curse January for leaving me so penniless after Christmas because being surrounded by all these kits and not being able to spend, spend, spend was a living nightmare!! However, Liberty (who, incidentally is a really lovely lady) packed me off home with this wonderful kit and I began playing with it the moment I got home.
So far I have produced this LO - the photo is one of all my men taken a few years ago but one which I always intended scrapping 'one day'. I used the Mayflower - Pricilla Mullins paper trimmed around the swirls and mounted onto plain black card and some of the labels that come with the kit. I also added a few dots and X's of my own with my white gloss pen.

Next I decided it was time my boy took a bit of responsibility for himself and stopped relying on me so much to remind him what stuff he needs to get ready for each day. With that in mind I created this little book for him using my Bind-it-all and the Mayflower - Myles Standish papers. All these papers from Rusty Pickle are d/s so it was really difficult to choose which side to use - what a dilemma!!
Then inside the book I created some monthly sheets on the computer so that he can fill them in to remind himself when he has to take things into school or cubs - he can also fill out the nights he does after-school clubs, etc. etc. I also made this little envelope to stick on the inside cover because he likes to store little pictures and stuff!
Now the only thing I need to do is remind him to fill it in!!! LOL!! :o) Maybe I should create a book for me too and fill in the days I need to remind him!! :o) I cannot wait now to use my new 'Me' time to go finish the other projects I've started with this kit!

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  1. Love what you have done here, Anne, thanks so much - will be posted soon on the site :)

  2. Woah! Rocking the Pickle! Way to go! Love what you've done with the Mayflower range :0)


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