Saturday, 12 July 2008

Looooong post alert!!

Grab yourself a coffee, I've not blogged for 2 weeks and I've got sooooo much to tell!

Coor, this has been a week of tears and cheers, and I have experienced more than one Proud Mum moment this week! To begin with Monday was Common Transfer Day and my eldest son went to visit his new school....sniff!!! :o( I was gutted when he came home (smiling and very happy, I might add!) and reported that ALL his pals are in one class, and he's in another. I went off in a rage but my boy proved that he has a greater degree of maturity than his mother and told me not to stress saying that he's happy and excited at the prospect of making new pals!! Tut!! Then yesterday I could have burst with pride when he was picked for the local schools bell-boating regatta. Lord it rained... and rained and rained and rained. Luckily, across the canal was an idyllic little pub and my friend and I waited for an opportune moment to leg it and watch and cheer the races from the balcony in very civilised fashion complete with a glass of bubbly - coka cola in this case!!! LOL!! And the crowing glory was that our school's Team A and Team B were the two finalists, and my boy's team won!!! HURRAH!!! So proud!

Then just as I was settling down to a cup of coffee last night, my youngest announced that I had to read his report! In fact they had both brought their end-of-year reports home and I am still glowing with pride! Both of them brought home the kind of report that I know my mum would have loved to have read with my name on the front - sadly I never gave her the opportunity to feel the kind of pride that my boys have given me! I seem to recall the words "easily distracted" being overused on my reports, and one teacher even reported "If Anne showed as much interest in her school activities as she does in her outside school activities, she would produce better results!" Oops!! :o)
I have been playing a lot with my stash this week too. Here is my tag for this week's Tag, You're It! challenge - the theme this week is our monthly colour theme and I chose Red, Brown and Cream - don't ask why, I've never used these colours together before but I found a piece of AG paper in just those colours and thought "Hmmmm..."

Last week we offered to send tag kits to 2 people as part of a challenge - we had so much interest and enthusiasm for this that we decided to send out 4 kits instead. Now I can't reveal anything about those kits just yet, but I did make these tags as Thank You's to the ladies whose names we pulled from the hat:

Then midweek I did manage to get around one or two of my favourite blogs and I was really excited to discover that the lovely and totally 'kewel' Deb has nominated me for a Brilliant Weblog award which REALLY cheered me up as it came at the 'tears' time, and was the start of the 'cheers' part of my week!!! So massive Thank You's to Deb and get over there and check out her blog - she does some fantabulous stuff and makes things in 15 minutes!!! Can you believe that!!! It would take me longer than that to find the stuff!!!! LOL!! And now, as part of the deal, I have to pass it on to 7 bloggers whose fabby blogs excite and inspire me so I nominate:








Phew, that was soooo difficult picking just 7 - I could have multiplied that by 10 at least because there are so many wonderful blogs out there so deserving of this award.

Finally, my week is rounded off with the news that on Wednesday I completed my NVQ and I am a fully qualified Teaching Assistant - I just need a job that will allow me to put it into practise now!

So, if you managed to stick with me this long, go grab yourself a sweetie from the tin and big Well Done to you!! Hopefully I will get more blogging time after next week as the long hot summer (yeah, right! LOL!!) holidays begin!!

Thanks for popping by! ;o) xx


  1. Grabbing my sweetie right now!! lol.. ;)

    Congrats on having two such incredibly talented and clearly very sensible children. :D I wish I'd had more.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and for adding me to your blog roll. I am honoured. You've been on mine for ages! lol.. Should I have told you?

    However, will now promote you to my Blog Buddies list, and Google Reader. (Have you tried that yet? It's great if you have some regular blogs you visit. Saves heaps of time.)

    Have a great weekend!

    Heather xx

  2. I'm so moved and touched to receive this award! It means so much to know that our labours don't go unrecognised, and that you guys out there are receptive to the exposure of injustice. I'd like to thank my mom and dad, my publicist, all the guys at deloitte and touche, who work so hard on my behalf, gizmo (keep rocking bro!), Grammy Taylor, who saw something in me when nobody else did, Matalan for my stunning outfit, I love you guys!!

  3. WoWzA, Anne, that's some week you've had!!! I'm exhaused just readin' about all of it!

    You must be super-proud of your boys ... how wonderful that they are doing so well .. at everything apparently!

    And congrats on finishing your NVQ! That's fantastic!

    LOVE, Love, love, your tag!!! I'll try to put one together for the challenge.

    Whew, long post, huh, Anne?!?

    Have a great weekend & hugs,

  4. Anne
    Thank you for your gracious comments! I would be honored for you to link to my blog. I am new to all of this and having such a great time meeting other artists/crafters.

  5. Well dones all round then! I'm very happy for you qualifying after a year of hard work and well done to the boys - they are a credit to you :)

    Your tags are stunning! I have a new IO stamp like the label on the first tag which just arrived today. Love that, so elegant! And the colours on the thank-you tag are just beautiful!


  6. Anne, I am so happy to read all about your good news! Tell the boys that I said, 'VERY WELL DONE!'

    Many congratulations to you too. I know how much hard work you've done this year to qualify. *clap*

    ... and ... what beautiful tags you've made! I really enjoy looking at all your work.

    I'm going now to grab a packet of Revels. Oh, you said 'a sweetie' ... but I'm greedy! lol

  7. Anne - what a great post - I could feel the pride bouncing off the page!!
    Well done to your son's team!!!!
    Report cards now that brings me back - LOL!!
    Loved your tag what gorgeous paper..



  8. You are one most popular lady! I posted a surprise for you on my blog and see that someone has already beat me to it! Well twice is twice as nice :)

  9. Well! what can I say? Big congratulations to you on passing your NVQ I know how many years you've longed to do that course! now fingers crossed for that right position!

    Well Done to both of the boys for great reports and also to Dan for doing so well! brill xx

    Gorgeous artwork as usual, absolutely LOVE those tags, your so one of my fav creators xx

    Oh, and Thanks for the reward xx

  10. Thank you so much for this award Anne! Such a nice surprise! I get so inpired by all you sweet sweet comments! Thank you! :)

    I am so happy for you passing your NVQ. Good luck job-hunting!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Thank you so much for the award! It's lovely to think that I inspire someone!!!
    Congrats on the winning Team - WTG boys!!

  12. Phew! I'm knackered just from reading all that!!! Well done those boys, would love to have seen your face (did you spill your coke in the excitment??? lol)

    And ta muchly for the award, very flattering to think I inspire anyone! Right back at you mate :)

    And you know I love your tags, the cuttlebug b/g is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! And love the suberb elegant simplicity of the thank you tag :)


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