Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dream Tag

Well it may be late coming but the glorious weather we've been enjoying here for the last few days is MOST welcome! It's given me the chance to get out into my garden and have a good ol' autumnal tidy-up in preparation for the big fall. We are surrounded by trees on all sides here which is gorgeous in Winter, Spring and Summer, but we don't half work hard for them it in the Autumn! LOL!! I've discovered something really freakish too - we have a very small pond in the garden which I put in a couple of years ago hoping to attract frogs - Oh boy, did we attract frogs!!! This year, back in March/April time I discovered our first ever batch of frog spawn which I got really excited about and I bought a small fish tank and detached a few of the eggs so that my children could watch them develop! That was really exciting for them. However, what I have been noticing is that some of the tadpoles in my pond have never evolved - it is now mid-late September and mano of them are STILL tadpoles!!! I also seem to have an albino frog! He's only tiny, fully formed but completely white! However, he won't be still for long enough for me to get a photo of him! (or her, of course, before I'm accused of being sexist! LOL!!).
So before I get lost in the wonders of my garden, here's my tag for this week. It's a Stampsmith photo stamp and I think she's called Sabrina or something like that - I never do labels because I can never remember who makes what and titles, but I do know that all the other stamps I used are Fancy Pants. Whatever her name is, she didn't want to be photographed!!! You wouldn't believe the trouble I had getting a decentish photo of my tag!!! The image kept coming out distorted, like old newspaper - brilliant if that's the look I wanted to achieve, but I didn't, FGS it took me a dozen stamps to get a clear image of her in the first place!!! LOL!
Well whatever jollies you have lined up for yourselves this weekend, I hope the weather holds out for you wherever you are, and I thank you for popping by my blog - it's much appreciated! ;o) xx


  1. you had me sniggering there Anne, you know it takes an age to get one decent print with those stamps!! rofl remember the conversations regarding which ink pads and how many mats???????? lolxx Anyway, fabbie tag, love the crispness and also the colour scheme of it, all so wintery!

  2. Love this tag Anne, I know how hard it is to get a decent print from these stamps, the amount of card and paper I've wasted in the past, arghhhh, I've just given up trying to use the stamps now, which is a shame as they are gorgeous images.

  3. Hiyaaaa!
    Your garden sounds like a real wonderland! Now I hope you haven't got a mutant strain of frogs! (White and underdeveloped!!! LOL)
    ....And I love your tag - the image does look so dreamy she has a lovely far away look..
    I have one fotoreal stamp and I know what you mean - It can be a nightmare (ooh unintended dream link there!!) to stamp - I had to experiment with so many inks!
    Your photo has came good in the end though..


  4. Anne

    Me again - pop over to my blog I have a wee something for you!


  5. I love what you have done with your tag anne.x

  6. I just love the soft grey tones, makes it look quite romantic. I really like the way you've given it a soft border too.

  7. OOoh that tag is bootifull!! I love it I love it I love it!! I am a huge fan of black and white together. I love colour too dont get me wring but every now and then its nice to go monochrome :)
    Your garden sounds fab!!! :)

  8. Wow this is stunning well done hun xxxx

  9. Hi Anne *waves*

    You've done a beautiful job with the photostamp. It's a truly stunning tag!

    I can't use those stamps at all! I remember buying one to try out on my christmas cards ... 'twas a total disaster. I tried all kinds of inks but just wasn't happy with the end result. That was the last time I ever used them! Too much like hard work! lol

    Well done on getting your garden sorted! Ed's out tidying ours right now. I'm spectating from the living room window, lol.

  10. Your tag is really gorgeous - so soft and dreamy. Love that stamp!!

  11. Love your tag, it is gorgeous!!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Love this's beautiful!!

  13. Anne, this is absolutely stunning

  14. Gorgeous! I love this tag, Anne!
    Thank you for inspiring me! :)
    Have a great day!

  15. Anne, your tag is absolutely *Gorgeous*!!! Haven't been here for a bit, going to have to catch up on your gorgeous creations!!! Hope you're doing well! ((hugs))


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