Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tag, You're It! Favourite Quote.

I've been a baaaaaad blogger. I've got this new job you see and it's really taking up all of my time and my head so I don't seem to have any time to do the stuff I want to do any more - I never even get to have a cup of coffee these days! I keep waking up on a Thursday and realising that I've still not done my tag for the challenge blog and instantly my head clears itself of everything including the ability to stick bits of paper together!!! However, I did manage to make one tag for one of the themes in this week's challenge(s) - you can either make a tag using your favourite quote or make a tag that incorporates an image of a family member (or several members of your family if you so wish!). So here's my favourite quote tag, and now I desperately need a cup of coffee - after all, it is the weekend and I think I've earned it!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend! I need to get out more!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tag, You're It! Colour Challenge

OMGosh, this working for a living is really exhausting and eating into my creative time!! I went into my new job all on my own on Monday - my predecessor left us last Friday and I'd only had about 2 hours handover altogether! By Wednesday evening my head was so full of 'stuff' whizzing around that I ended up falling asleep around tea-time!!! By Thursday I had done NOTHING with my stash then I suddenly remembered - EEEK!!! It's Friday tomorrow and I hadn't made my colour theme tag for Tag, You're It! so I had to get my ass into gear and get creating - quick!!! The colour theme, as picked by my lovely friend Sam is Olive, Aubergine and Ivory (couldn't colourise that one, it would leave you guessing!! LOL!) and I have to confess this is not a combination I have ever worked with before - at least not consciously. Anyway, here is my tag. The dress was stamped onto Ivory card (that's got that one covered!!! LOL!) and I painted it with an aubergine'y H20 (colour no. 2 out of the way!!) then I splodged a touch of lettuce adirondak ink around the edges which, before it dried, was an uncanny shade of olive. However, when it dried it turned iceberg so I found some olive coloured card to mat it onto. A couple of bits of bling and sparkle and Voila! A nice quick and relatively easy tag!! ;o)
Thanks for popping in! ;o)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Weekend??? What weekend??

OMG, where did it go?? I started a new job on Friday (sort of - it's not official till September!) then my little 'un had his birthday on Sunday so I've kinda been a bit neglectful of my blog - oops!! However, keeping things short and sweet, I have a couple of offerings - oops, one has to go on my Magnolia blog - phew! nearly forgot! So here is my only offering for now - it's my Monogram tag for Tag, You're It! which I cunningly crafted from one of those letter book thingies and decorated with a few bits of bling and pearl relief paint. Thanks for stopping by!