Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Winter Wonderland, Week 2

OMGosh, it's Wednesday already and I haven't blogged!!! It's week 2 over at Winter Wonderland - week 1 proved to be a brilliant success and it was very reassuring to know that there are plenty of other people out there who want to get ahead for Christmas too. I had a big twinge of excitement yesterday thinking about all that spare time I'm going to have to plan for Christmas knowing that making cards isn't going to be a headache for me this year!

So, A Christmas Carol is this week's theme - basically, just sing a Carol or two and be inspired by them. Here is my "We Three Kings" card which used a stamp that I'd bought about 4 or 5 years ago and haven't ever used yet!! I think it might feature again on my Christmas cardmaking this year!!
Whatever you're doing, I hope the weather is being kind to you (it's horrid here!!!) and I wish you a great week! Thanks for stopping by! :o) xx


  1. Wow Anna,
    this is my first visit to your blog, I love your cards. I bet everyone is thrilled to receive a Christmas card from you in the mail they are beautiful

  2. wow beautiful x-mas card

  3. Gorgeous as always...and what a fab stamp...such detail and it's embossed SO well! Very evocative card, I'll be singing that carol for the rest of the day now!!

    And yep, you're spot on with how much more organised even in my own head I feel about Christmas had a wonderful idea and I'm SO glad you shared it!!

  4. Oh forgot to say I'm in total L-O-V-E with your new header and layout!!!

  5. Hi Anne!! How ARE you?!? It's been toooooo long; hope all is well with you and yours!

    LOVE what you've done with the place ... so shabby-chic!

    And your holiday card is stunning! Soooooooo beautiful ... if I had actually mailed out LAST year's holiday cards, I wouldn't have the pile of 'em that I do. Still very tempted to participate in your challenge ... looks like fun!

    Soooooo sorry to see that TYI passed on. It was so much fun while it lasted, though!

    Stay well and keep in touch!

    PS: I horribly miss your "self-portrait" here ...

    ~Large hug, Deb

  6. Hiya Anne, fabulous card, I adore your embossing this is a great stamp. Joey.x

  7. This is such a gorgeous card!!

  8. WOW what a great stamp. Love the gold embossing, the card is fabulous.

  9. Oooh ....fabulous! Love that embossing and the 3 little crowns


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