Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Flourish

Happy Sunday bloggers! It's been a looooong week! My eldest son is due to take his SATS in a couple of weeks and he was cheering his little head off last week when he heard on the news that some headteachers were boycotting the KS2 tests. However, he came home with such a grumpy face on Monday when he learned that his school are NOT among those who will be boycotting them! LOL!!! Not sure why I find it amusing though - it's a bit of a headache for me because I work in a Y2 class who are preparing for the KS1 SATS and I come home and help my eldest with his revision too! Wake me up when May is over!!!!
Back to business..... over at Tag, You're It! this week the theme is "With a Flourish" Basically we are just adding a flourish of some kind or other on our tags this week. It was a quiet week last week but I hope we get more players this week because we so love seeing other people's work and get such a lot of inspiration and drive from them and it helps us come up with new themes. So if you are someone reading this post, please pop over to TYI and make a tag for us to ogle - we do love to see them!

Well that's my lot for today - my plans to do some gardening may have to go on the back burner because the weather lady got it completely wrong - huh! there's a first eh? I had planned to get the barbie out this afternoon after I'd finished painting my fence and planting some stuff but I came down to cold and rain this morning. I'm not complaining because my little pond is almost bone dry!

If you're here, I would like to thank you for stopping by and wish you a great week ahead! :o) xx


  1. I love your background on this tag anne and such elegant flourishes. I saw one friend but the others were lost in the crowd I also saw Richard Branson,Princess Bea, Nadia Sawalia and Steve Ryder. The rain held off and we enjoyed a picnic with some lovely friends hugs Pascale

  2. wow this is just amazing!! Love the background colours!! the image is just magical! such a gorgeous project! Hugs Juls

  3. This is a stunning stamp Anne and such a beautiful tag I love the softness of the colours x J x

  4. Wow this tag is gorgeous! Hope you don't mind me asking but what stamp did you use?

    Emily x


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