Sunday, 13 June 2010

Inspired by...

Happy Sunday all! Have you ever seen a painting or card, or any other crafted creation and thought to yourself "Oh Lord, I wish I'D done that!"? Of course you have, every one of us is inspired by others, whether that be other bloggers, famous/non-famous artists, crafters worldwide..... Every year in Bromsgrove we have an Arts Festival. It lasts for two weeks and there are a number of performances and street artists and concerts etc. take place all over the town. One of the things I love most is the Art Exhibition at one of the churches because it brings together some of the most amazing works of art by some extremely talented local people - one day I would LOVE to have the guts to exhibit something myself but up to now I haven't had the bottle! This year I found some mounted but unframed pictures by a lady who I think is called Linda someoneorother and I just swooned at them! Unfortunately though I wasn't in a position to splash out and buy them so I took these photo's of them to remind me how gorgeous they are and to aspire to be able to paint this good - ha! then I woke up!!!

The picture above is a painting of Chaddesley Corbett Post Office. I just love this lady's style of painting and I would give my eye teeth to be able to paint like this. Over at Tag, You're It! this week our theme is Inspired By..... and I chose this picture as my inspiration to make this Good Luck in your new home tag. This is my second tag for the June Swap which our lovely Janet is hosting.

I'm not fooling myself by imagining it's anything like as good as the original, but it's a start and it was such fun to paint - even though this was actually my 4th attempt!! LOL!!
Thanks for stopping by here, and I hope you have a great week! :o) xx


  1. This is fabulous Anne - I can see exactly what you mean about the paintings - really inspirational x Janet

  2. Your so right Anne.. Linda, what's her names work is so homely.. so chocolate box. (That's ment in a good way it means I feel comfortable with it and would like it in my home)!
    But then... I would say the same about yours Anne.
    I think you should exhibit.:o>

  3. wow!!! these are just fabulous!!! Hugs Juls

  4. Hi Anne and my goodness I agree with you about this lady's wonderful paintings, they're so beautiful. But what about your tag... your painting is fabulous, and I love the house being the focus and the burst of colour, really gorgeous. I'm still emailing you :D and I hope you had a good weekend. Love Chris xx

  5. I also love the lady's paintings, gorgeous, and you have captured it so brilliantly in your tag. Smashing. Annette x

  6. Hi Anne this is fantastic I love the painting of the house. The image really pops out. I love the paintings too and can see where your inspiration popped from. Hugs Pascale

  7. You painted that house?? OMGosh, never mind the original artist one day I want to be as good as you!!! Seriously Anne, absolutely stunning (love all the white space too, really focuses the eye) and I want to live in your little painted house!

  8. Hiya Anne, This is stunning I love the picture too and can totally see why you swooned I would give anything to be able to paint and draw like that. Your tag is beautiful and can see where you got the inspiration :D


    Amy xx

  9. Oh, don't be so modest ... it's brilliant! In fact, I like yours better ... it has w-a-y more personality!

    Hope all is well with you, my sweet friend. I don't get around here as much as I should, but you're in my thoughts ... and my Reader.

    Stay well and be happy ... I'll be by again soon to say hello and comment you a hug!

    PS: Your portrait's gone down again ... a pity, it's so artistic and beautifully rendered!

    Sending you hugs, Sweetie!! Have a fab weekend!

  10. Hi Anne

    Thanks for your lovely message on my blog and from looking at your wonderful creations (especially your house tag) I have a lot to live up to.... a big chair to fill (not that I am saying you need a big chair or anything LOL). Thanks for the support and encouragement and GOOD LUCK with the assignment!

    Sarah x

  11. Wow this is absolutley stunning xx hIlda

  12. Soooo wish I could paint like that! Gorgeous!!


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