Sunday, 17 October 2010

Friendly Plastic - A New Addiction

Oooh, it's a frosty one this morning - I got up to find my car completely white today, and funnily enough I had a dream last night that it was snowing!!  It wasn't a complete whiteout, just an early snowfall, IYKWIM?

Many, many years ago I bought a couple of sticks of Friendly Plastic and I did something stupid with them.  I used to have a compartmentalised box full of embellishments and the sticks of FP had been stored inside this box and I left it in the conservatory.  When I came to use them.........  well, I'm sure I don't need to spell it out!  Needless to say I never used FP again and all my embellies were completely ruined!!!  However, Liz Welch's many appearances on C&C recently has whetted my appetite once more and I ventured out and bought some more sticks of FP and I just cannot stop playing with it!  It's incredibly addictive stuff.  I'm sure there's a million things that can be done with this stuff and I can't wait to explore the possibilities, but these are my first pieces that I want to share.

This is my card for this week's Keep it Simple challenge.  I think I took the 'Simple' aspect a little too literally because having already created my charm, the card took me about 3 minutes to assemble - but I love all that white space!!!

The charm is a chipboard diecut coated with gold UTEE and filled with FP.  It's so dinky, but it was great fun to make.

My earlier pieces weren't exactly a raging success so I kept all the pieces and chopped them up into tiny fragments and I made this bangle using Liz's lacework technique:
Then I made this necklace
and this is my favourite piece

I do have one or two other pieces that I wanted to share but to be honest, with this new blogger format, I lose the will to live!  For some reason it's only allowing me to upload one pic at a time and I have to close down in between each one in order to add another photo!  Ridiculous!

Anyway, I hope you like the pieces.  Have a great week and roll on Friday - it's half term!! YAY!!!

Thanks for stopping by! :o) xx


  1. fab creations!!!! I too have friendly plastic stores away..I used once or twice but did not get on that well, I saw the same C&C show and learned a lot..I do fancy digging it out again!!! just love what you have done! so fabulous and creative!!! Hugs Juls

  2. Oh well I LOVE your card! Its fabulous
    And as for all those other creations...Just Brilliant!

    mandi xx

  3. Anne .... these are all absolutely stunning! xx

  4. Wow you are clever hunny I love these pieces you have made with FP I am seeing an investment is needed LOL xxx I know what you mean I have to keep doing that when loading pics too x HUgs Pascale

  5. Fab card hun. Loving all the jewellery!
    Tip: select all the images you want upload BEFORE adding to your blog, then 'add selected' when you have them all in your window with the blue frames round them. Then you get to juggle them about as they will all load one after the other in the posting.
    Teri xx

  6. Your card is beautiful, I do like the clean and simple look and your jewellery is fab. I must get mine out for a play again sometime

    Hugs Jackie x

  7. The card is fabulous as are the design jewelry you've made with the friendly plastic. I've never seen any although I have heard of it. Very beautiful art work. And where on earth do you live to get mid October snow???

  8. I love your FP work - I too used to use FP a lot, & have had my interest reawakened by Liz Welch.
    I was going to comment on your picture upload problem but see that someone else has. I uploaded 3 yesterday to my blog in one sitting & that was by browsing my pictures folders, rather than having them in Picasa first. After it loads the first pic - just click browse again as many times as you require - then when they are all framed in blue click "Add".

  9. Not sure what's happened with blogger but mine's not changed one bit, the way I upload stuff is the same way I've always done it ... and hopefully it'll stay that way lol

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've made though and I can see why the second pendant is your favourite piece! Just stunning all of them though.

    Is FP anything like shrink plastic? I remember you making a pencil case charm (from a Magnolia stamp I think) quite a while back and thinking how totally inspirational that was!

  10. Love whatyou have done with the FP
    Von x

  11. I really nust check this stuff out it looks amazing hun!


    Amy xx


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