Saturday, 11 February 2012


Happy Saturday blogland.  Not a great start to the half term holiday for me!  What a fool, I was cooking sausages for my boy's breakfasts and I wasn't happy with the amount of fat that came out of them, so I took the sausages out of the pan, poured the fat away and plunged the pan into a bowl of hot water to remove any residue.  Immediately a huge geyser of boiling steam shot up and scalded my thumb! OUCH!!!  So I have made my card today in great pain (awwww.... maximum sympathy noises please!).

Today I made another good ol' Easel Card befitting two challenges.  First of all I used the weekly sketch on Sketch Saturday,

and used the theme Pink, Pearls and Lace for Just Magnolia's challenge this week.

Hope you like it.  That's about my lot for the moment - I'm going to go and rest my thumb a while now....

Have a good weekend, and for those of you who, like me are lucky to get the school holidays, I hope you have a great week with your youngsters - I know I intend to!

Thanks for stopping by  :o) xx


  1. ouch thats sounds nasty unlike you beautiful card. Hope you carried on running the water on your thumb. xxx


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