Saturday, 11 May 2013


Happy Saturday blogland!  I was meant to post this yesterday but unfortunately life got in the way again making me late again.  I've had an interesting week learning how to colour digitally and I used my newfound skills to colour in this gorgeous butterfly from Teri's Delicious Doodles for my DT offering this week.  Now, simple as it may look, this little fella learned a lot of new, colourful language from me during the creative process.  The theme this week is Anything but a card, and I had this brainwave, as you do when you're sitting outside in glorious sunshine!  This year I have been making a lot of my own garden decorations and I was thinking "wouldn't it be lovely to have a nice suncatcher-style mobile with lots of butterflies on" and that's how this week's project began.  Having mastered the colouring process, I then copied my butterfly and pasted it a number of times, changing the sizes from quite small to huge.  I printed my first batch out onto overheads but unfortunately the colours just bled and looked a mess.  So I ended up taking a printout into work and photocopying them instead.  This time they looked great - so great that I cut a number of them out and stuck them onto my classroom window to brighten up my Spring Display!

I digress - having now successfully printed out my acetate sheets, I set about cutting them out.  I did put glitter glue on a few wings, which instantly fell off the moment it dried!  So then I began threading them onto invisible thread. This wasn't as painless as it might sound either as I ended up with a very sore finger and a lot of blood dripping!  First string of my mobile finished I proudly held it up to the light.......... Uh oh!  I completely misunderstood the rules of mobiles!  My butterflies just pointed straight up to the skies - I didn't take into account the balance.  D'oh.  So I tried again using TWO strings of invisible thread - still no success.  By this time, I had spent so much of my week with my batch of butterflies, one way or another, I threw the towel in and as time was running out I set about thinking of what else I could do with them.  Then I had another brainwave (I've actually had quite a few this week!!) and I dug out this old basket which I rescued from going onto a skip many years ago.  I loved it for it's rustic-ness and every Christmas it gets an airing when I fill it with aroma-soaked pine cones and tartan bows.  But I decided to give it a facelift.
I gave it a coat of white paint, wrapped some pale pink satin ribbon around the handle and decorated it with flowers and the butterflies.  It is now a home for my pretty fat quarters which so far have been sitting in a cardboard box somewhere, and my lovely old rustic basket now has a beautiful shabby-chic  look and I have fallen in love with it all over again!
At the moment is is sitting pretty on my window-sill, but by the end of the weekend, it is going to be the centrepiece on my beautiful painted dresser.  It will look perfect there!

Well that's my lot for now.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see.  I'm going to go and try and find a place for the other 16 butterflies that I have cut out now!  If I find a suitable home, I'll be sure to show you where they've adorned!  Have a great week. :o) xx


  1. Let me be the first to comment and say how beautiful and sweet this basket is. It will look wonderful on your dresser. How I love to look at pretty things and your designs are ALWAYS so pretty.
    Cant' wait for the next post!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous hun! Sorry about the blood-shed, lol. Hope the fingers have recovered now! xxx

  3. This is so beautiful Anne.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Abslutely fantastic ! Magnificent butterflies and wonderful flower arrangement ! Bravo ! Great job !

    Hugs from France.

  5. Those butterflys are stunning. I guess your dresser is ready and that beautiful basket is sitting on it now. You'll be missed form the team, will be coming and visit your blog as I just LOVE your creations
    Take care my friend

  6. So creative&beautiful!! Hugs Juls


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