Saturday, 29 September 2007

Bird Box Swap

One of my forum buddies organised a Bird Box Swap. She bought and distributed these tiny little birdboxes which we then had to give a makeover to then send on again to our respective swap partners, and here's mine.

This is the front:and here's the back:
I think most of us were a bit shocked when our 'blanks' arrived because they are much tinier than we first imagined!! LOL!!


  1. gorgeous - love everything about it!

  2. It is really beautiful.
    The photo makes it look quite big.
    I could just imagine Bluetits living happily in there.

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the different elements you used!!!

  4. Arrgghh! I'm soooo behind on mine!! It's one of those "I keep finding other things to make first" projects!!

    I've been utterly staggered how different and wonderful all of these are and I absolutely adore yours!

  5. Wow Anne this is amazing, I just wouldn't know where to start with such a project. Well done you x

  6. Gorgeous Bird box!!!! Love it

  7. wow its gorgeous what a great swap to join in with

  8. These are beautiful, how creative. I really enjoyed my visit to your blog :)



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