Saturday, 15 September 2007

Wot... No Eggs!

I'm in the doghouse! :o( Saturday mornings are special here because my boys love me to whip up a batch of pancakes and they sit in their PJ's watching Spongebob Squarepants munching away while the butter and maple syrup drips out all over the table, their plate.... their PJ's - but who cares - that's what washing machines are for!! However, I went shopping last night with little 'un and because he seemed unable to take ten paces without wanting to go for a widdle we spent too much time running up and down the store (why don't they put toilets at BOTH ends of these great big stores?? Or at least somewhere in the middle!! Not at the other end of the car park! ARGH!!) and not enough time putting essentials in the trolley - and I forgot the eggs! Eek! No pancakes this morning, 'fraid! :o( And there's no point in getting in the car and driving out to get some because we'd have to get dressed and pancakes don't taste the same when you're properly dressed!

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but where has the week gone? I've had a very mixed bag this week, a little sorrow, a touch of anger (courtesey of Hobbycraft - am now boycotting their stores! grrrr) a heap of frustration (you can blame Led Zeppelin for that one!!! LOL!) but overall I'm still a happy bunny with my lot! 'Specially now that I've managed to pre-register for tickets! :o)
Tomorrow is my friend Becky's birthday. Becky has recently joined the ranks of Papercrafters(how's she managed to get away with it for this long??!! LOL!) and I was recently the recipient of one of her beautiful handmade cards, so now it was my turn. I made this for her as a means of introducting her to Rubber Stamping and also Magnolia - two jobs in one. Thanks as always for looking! :o)


  1. Gorgeous card, Im certain Becky is going to love it & want to make some of her own!!

    Im not certain what has happened to blogger but a lot of the wording is in a foreign language & the emailed blog comments are totally wierd!!!

  2. LOL @ the little widdler!! But mmmmmm...pancakes!

    Gorgeous card Anne...this is so going to inspire her ;o)

  3. Such a beautiful card!! :) Love those images! Next time you'll have to make your boys double pancakes! ;) lol!!!

  4. Anne... could you please email me at

    Thanks!! :)

  5. Love your cards!!

    Have a nice day, and thanks for the nice message in my blog.



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