Sunday, 18 November 2007

Blog Break

Ugh! I haven't got a single minute for me these days so I'm having to take a blog break for a while till I catch up on stuff. My only creations at the moment are costumes for the nativity play and although I'm desperate to get back to my papers and stamps, I have so many other commitments right now that I have to disconnect myself from blogland. Hopefully not for long because I'm desperate to get back to taking part in the challenges and seeing some of my favourite sites. See ya's soon! ;o) xx


  1. Know how you feel, Life has been crazy here too, I finally posted today... Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, Would Love to see the Nativity Play Costumes too, sounds cute :)


  2. Don't worry about it Anne, it'll all still be here when you get a moment to get back to it all ;o)

    In the meantime we will miss your hilarious "story for every occassion" and of course your wonderful art xx

  3. I have just had a blog break. The infection got too much & I got antibiotics. They wiped me out & Im just fighting back.
    Take time & enjoy what you have to do. We will be here waiting to see what you create next.x


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