Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas Decoration Swap

I recently organised a Hanging Christmas Decoration swap with a group of forum girls and this was my offering.

It was great fun to do because I haven't had my paints out for ages so it was good to give them an airing!

The sweeties are all made from Fimo and, although you can't actually see it on the photo, the roof has been done in the same way as the slide mailer below - loads of white UTEE allowed to 'run' while it's still warm, then I dabbed a touch of 'frost' onto it in the form of irridescent glitter glue - my favourite!

Thanks for looking in!


  1. Gorgeous little house. If I was a bird I would want to live in there!

  2. Anne, when I first saw your bird house I was amazed! The sweets look so real ... good enough to eat! I really enjoyed the christmas ornament swap, so I want to thank you again for organising it.

  3. Anne, it looks so yummy, I want to eat it.


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