Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Last Christmas, I gave you...

... a slide mailer! Eek! I've lost my camera, so until it turns up I have to resort to showing off oldies :o( I decided to go through my archives and see if I could find anything seasonal and I came up with this slide mailer that I sent to Zuzu last year when a few of us took part in a slide mailer swap.

and here's the front

I can't remember who's the stamp is, but the 'snow' was created by heating several layers of white UTEE then letting it 'run' while it was still warm, then I touched it up with some clear glitter glue.

I do have one or two things I've been working on to put on here, but until my camera manifests itself, I'm stuck with archive stuff.

Happy Advent to all who drop by!


  1. Oh no, not archive stuff?! Well more I say if this is what we get to see!! Just beautiful Anne, all wintery and frosty and love your runny UTEE snow!!

  2. Love your archive stuff, Anne, very elegant!

  3. Lucky Zuzu. :) The utee is very effective ... a lovely piece, Anne.

  4. Very beautiful.
    I have made one & despite having my camera to hand, I have no decent light to get a good clear photo of it!!!

  5. Love the utee!! this is a gorgeous piece of work!

  6. What beautiful colours...this looks so wintery and perfect.

  7. Just had to comment on your lovely slide mailers! I did try my hand at those and just came across an Asian one I did, it made me want to do more.....seeing yours 'really' makes me want to play with them again! There is so much out there, wonderful eye candy!


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