Sunday, 15 August 2010

Oh I DO want to be beside the seaside!

Oh Lord, this time of year always makes me want to be by the seaside - the weather has been awful, but if I have to suffer it, being by the coast would help to ease that burden! It wouldn't matter where I was, I just love the smell of sea air, sand, fish and chips, vanilla ice-cream.... and the colours - I just love the colours of the seaside. But I just have to keep on wishing - there's no chance of me getting to the beach this summer :o( Yesterday we got in the car and just went for a drive - I just wanted to be by water so we found ourselves in Stourport! Oddly enough, it's only about 20 minutes drive from me but I just never go there, but yesterday we found these

Sigh...... Barrett's have built these gorgeous riverside apartments right in the basin so I had to go and have a look around the show apartment! WAH!!!! I WANT ONE!!! They are just so gorgeous - compact and bijou, but gorgeous! I decided there and then that if my numbers come up on the lottery, I'm going to have a weekend retreat right here!! They're not finished yet, but when they are it's going to be beautiful round there. Leaning out of the patio door, this is the view to the left of the apartment we looked at:

It's not quite the coast, but it'd do for me!!! The only one who wasn't interested was my eldest because the bedrooms were quite small and he protested loudly about the thought of having to share one with his brother!!!! LOL!!

So over to my creations for this week - Ooops!! No stamps? WHAT??? Well, I have actually used stamps this week but I'm not going to show anything yet because this post is already getting photo-heavy! I'll start with my offering for this week's Tag, You're It! theme which is {{{gulp!}}} No Stamps Allowed. Well, my first thought was HELP!!!!! but then I started to think about what I like - the seaside - hmmmm...... and so I came up with this:

brilliant fun to do and as it was meant to be 'shabby' I didn't have to be so careful about where I splodged inks!! LOL!! It was made by cutting out 3 strips of card and roughing up the edges, then the whole thing was painted with distress inks and 'highlighted' with promarkers.

Right, well that's my lot for today. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a very happy week ahead! :o) xx


  1. Totally awesome is all I can say and that is not for the Barrett homes either. Love everything about your creation all I can say is your Mojo was spot on form
    thanks for sharing
    Kate xx

  2. This is fabulous Anne - really imaginative :0)

  3. What a brilliant fun project and I am with you it would be great to be by the sea right now even in this weather :D


    Amy xx

  4. Wow Anne... I'm impressed.. REALLY Impressed
    It looks so authentic..
    Did you hand draw the seagulls?
    This is what keeps me coming back to you blog... That and the fact that you so nice :o)

  5. Oh wow Anne this is amazing such a brilliant job I love it!
    I too would so love one of those apartments!
    kim x

  6. Love your project Anne, very creative. Great piccies to, who wouldn't want a room with a view!

  7. this is fabulous! so creative! Hugs Juls

  8. Wowww, brilliant and so beautiful Anne!!!!
    Love it! :o)

    ♥ Hugs, Inger

  9. Hi Anne. Love your fabulous creation, it's so clever.
    I'm with you on loving the seaside, can't think of anything more relaxing than being by the sea. I also love Stourport, it's about 45 mins drive from us just outside Wolverhampton and we've spent many a happy hour there.


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