Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday again!!!

It's been a funny ol' week! I started the transformation of my craft room last week because I decided it was time to let my boys have a dining room again! Apart from anything else, it was starting to bug me the fact that my stuff had taken over in there so I set about the ruthless task of ditching stash that I've hung onto for years without using. Apart from the great big box of stickers, ribbons, flowery papers, stamps, etc. that I put aside for my friend's little girls, I managed to ditch 19 black bin bags of stuff that has been cluttering up my craft room!! I can't believe it either! A lot of it was old cardstock and papers that had faded in the sunlight, but there was practically a bag of cut-off's alone!! I do use cut-off's on my tags but the amount I'd stashed away was ridiculous! There were also a lot of storage boxes that took a trip to the tip because I knew that if I hung onto them, they'd only get filled with more rubbish! I have a lot of drawers in my craftroom too and every one of them got emptied (mind you, they're full again now!!!). And if you think that's excessive, try it yourself - it's very scary how much we hang onto witha view to using 'one day'!

Anyway, I did manage to get my craft room back and we also have a dining room once more. However, it wasn't without pain - Oh No! Stupidly I lifted one box too many and OUCH!!! My back went! So I ended up having to take a trip to the Minor Injuries Unit where I was prodded, pushed and pulled in all directions. Many tears later (God, it hurt!!) I was prescribed some meds for soft tissue damage - Thank God, because I couldn't stand up or sit down - it was agony! However, as the next few days went by I began to experience a really strange feeling. My initial thought was that it was the tablets that I'd been prescribed because I was feeling really, really depressed! I couldn't do anything and I found myself wanting to be totally alone and getting worked up about stuff that really isn't important. So figuring that it might be down to the tablets I stopped taking them and lo and behold, this horrible feeling lifted! I still have the back pain but I'd rather live with that than the awful depressed feeling I was having - too scary!

And so here are my offerings for this week. It's our Village Show in a couple of weeks and one of the categories is to make a handmade card so here is one that I made:

I was also very honoured to be asked by my lovely friend Linda to be part of her creative team for her new shop, Jazzlin's. Linda is very lucky to have found the opportunity to combine her crafting with her career and has opened her own shop in Braintree. It's still very early days but she is doing really well with the business and is building her stock. If you're a Sweet Peas Stamps fan Jazzlin's is one of the UK stockists and Linda will be more than happy to supply you with what you need. She also stocks Belles and Whistles stamps and recently sent me this stamp to play with and this is what I created with it:

Pop over to the blog and see what the rest of the fab team have been up to!
Finally this week I have found a wonderful new place to play, craft and chat over at the Lots to Do forum. Everyone over there is so welcoming and chatty and there are lots of swaps and challenges going on all the time. Currently there is a charms swap happening and I made these three to send off to Zoe. I have to confess they were heavily inspired by my lovely friend Sharon who sent me something similar a couple of years ago (though I can't deny her's were much more beautiful!)
Blimey, have you fallen asleep yet?? That's all for today - unless you fancy popping over to my Magnolia's Only blog where I am showing off my monogram tag this week for the Tag, You're It! theme. Have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by! :o) xx


  1. Ann your cards are amazing - beautiful - love the colours you've used and how well you've blended them

    The charms for the lotstodo swap are stunning

    xx Hilda

  2. Fabulous work Anne, especially the charms they are well charming going to be hard to part with any of these xx Zoe

  3. Ann Your cards are stunning I love the little girl stamps I would love to know where you had it from
    xx Alison

  4. Hi Anne, I've had your blog page open on my pc all morning trying to make a comment but kept getting side-tracked :D. Your cards are so beautiful and such fantastic colouring, the cut out on the first is such an inspired design, I love that. The charms are so cute too and I'm sure Zoe will love them. I'm off to email you right this minute as I've been wanting to for ages. Enjoy your Sunday. Hugs, Chris xxx

  5. Anne you have my sympathy as I know too well how painful back pain can be. your card for the village show is adorable and your charms, stunning. I'm now going to hotfoot it over to your Magnolia blog as|I'm a big Tilda fan xx

  6. such gorgeous makes!!! Love the first card! Just so creative!!! Hugs Juls

  7. Ooh, poor you, hope your back sson gets better, but those tablets sound scary. Glad you stopped taking them. Both beuatiful cards. That SN image is one of my faves. Marianne x

  8. Hiya Anne I am far from sleeping these are all gorgeous! I love the charms and the cards are both so cute :D
    Sorry to hear about your back I hope you are on the mend and well done for having a clear out I could do with doing that I just can't bear to let go of stuff though lol


    Amy xx

  9. Beautiful cards, love the charms.

  10. Wow Anne, your blog is absolutely amazing!! Filled with so much eye candy!! I'm so excited to check out all the rest of your posts! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! And now I'm here to follow you!


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