Saturday, 4 August 2007

Another Magnolia DT Card

I have been a big fan of Magnolia's stamps ever since I saw that very first one posted by Linda Muhr on Simply Sentiments and I bought my first stamps shortly afterwards. My first DT pack arrived and I was over the moon..... with most of them, but this little fella was a BIG challenge for me. You'd think having two young boys of my own there'd be plenty of opportunity to use a stamp like this, but unfortunately I cheat and buy all my 'Boy' cards! Men's cards I can do - boys are a different kettle of fish!

However, I wanted to use every one of the stamps I received and this is the card I submitted to Pauline and the Team using the footballer:

The stitching and text are rub-ons and the rosette was constructed from bits n' pieces in my 'bit-box'.
I also want to say here that to all my friends who have been kind enough to leave feedback, I thank you for your encouragement and am grateful for your lovely comments! (((HUGS))) to you all xx


  1. Fabulous card, love all the ribbon.
    Love that envelope on your other blog too!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I was suprised to see comments on my gallery blog, Im glad people are finding there way to it as their just isn't enough room left down the side of my main blog.

    I shall be stopping by again real soon
    Paula Pixie.

  2. Love the card and the stamp!! Gonna have to get me some of those stamps! They are precious! :)

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  4. Sorry Anne, botched up my last post so I deleted it!! DUR!

    Anyway, this is what I wanted to say...

    Fabulous card for a boy Anne! I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with that stamp! Love all the ribbons too ;o)

  5. Sam, if you're reading, the ribbons were inspired by your Christmas Card last year - just HAD to use that on a card!!! Thanks for your inspiration - always! ;o)

  6. Although I know I'd never be able to work with these stamps they always make me smile.

    You work realy well with these stamps and I can see why you made it onto the DT.

  7. lovely card and saying "hi" (waving) to you too :o)

  8. This is too cute, love those magnolia stamps and this card.

  9. Anne, you use those stamps sooooooooo well. Congratulations again on being a DT member ... well deserved.

    Great card! :D

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