Saturday, 25 August 2007

Where did August go???

I can't believe it's exactly 4 months to Christmas now! Where did August go? It's been a really hectic month for me. Terry took two weeks off work and his neice got married smack in the middle of that fortnight which didn't really give us much opportunity to get away. The first week was spent shopping for outfits, haircuts, etc. etc. then last week we spent out and about and having a lot of fun!
At the beginning of the week was my lovely friend Sam's birthday and I made this card for her using the Ancient Page inkpads as recommended by Barbara -thanks for the tip Barbara, they worked fabulously and I'm now totally addicted!

I also made this mini album which was supposed to be made with CD envelopes but as I didn't have access to any, nor could I find any on my cyber travels, I had to improvise and make my own. A lot of work but brilliant fun, and once I get some spare time for myself I'm going to make another one for my own use!

The inside is filled with tags and pockets and envelopes and mini cards, but as I don't have access to Sam's personal photo collection, I decided to leave them all blank for her to fill in herself!

I had a birthday all of my own this week too and I received a whole ton of fabulous cards and handcrafted goodies and I would like to say a huge Thank You to all those lovely friends who very kindly helped to make my day a very special one - you all know who you are and you're diamonds, every one of you ;o)
Well that's my kick up the backside from Sam (for not updating my blogger enough!!) out of the way. Thank You for passing through and I'll try and keep up-to-date a bit more! :o)


  1. Fabulous Anne.A lot of work has gone into this.

    The online class has finished now, I had to pay for that one, not all of them come free.
    I don't usually do paid ones but my team mates were also taking part so i joined in.
    Im not crafting much right now, I am tired & nothing is working.
    I have challenges to complete & no interest in them. I completely hate cards at the minute, but look forward to Monday as the Art Journal & TMTA are only mini challenges (playing cards)

  2. Its all lovely.. where has August gone? All my lovelies will be back in school tomorrow. Yeah!! but I know I will miss them.. I have tagged you too Annie!! Check out my blog.. hope you like the tag I made for you.. I know you will be teaching one day soon!! hope they still use chalkboards there and that you still rembember what they look like

  3. I am so glad to see you creating and I love everything you made. I can't believe that I missed your birthday. I hope you had a fabulous time. Hope all is well with you. I owe you an email. Talk soon. Hugs :o)

  4. Awww Anne, I just meant your gorgeous artwork deserves to be shown ;o)

    I am so appreciative of the time and effort that you put into making my gorgeous card and that fabulous booklet. I keep picking it up and looking at it, there's always something new to see! Thank you again Anne, for helping make my birthday as special as it was and glad you had a good 'un too ;o)

  5. Anne, Looked at this blog by accident when looking for your photos. Just wanted to say that your cards are lovely, I especially like the last one you posted. have a good day.

  6. Your work is a credit to you, Anne.

    Each and every piece is beautiful!



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